I can’t even imagine how much hate Tessa gets

Like, getting the “I miss the old you” comments are my biggest internet fear currently

I wish I could give comforting words or something

But, you and Shawna are still my youtube inspirations

And from when I met you guys at vidcon last summer you both seemed really cool

So keep trucking or something

:] <3

Reblogging in hopes that they see this!

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If you’re going to have random people in your car and you’ll be driving around blasting music.

Dirty Hipster No-Nose and Space Crustaceans are both excellent songs to play if you have the Days of the Week CD.

Just saying.

So I was watching my local news…


And some guy was wearing a Space Crustaceans: Crustaceans From Space! shirt. So yeah. Shawna and Tessa are big in Virginia. Feel free to brag, ladies.

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